There are many different types of sleeves that can be found on dresses, each with its own unique style and functionality. Here are some of the most common types of sleeves you might see:
  1. Cap sleeves: These are very short sleeves that just cover the shoulder, often seen on summer dresses.
  2. Sleeveless: As the name suggests, this dress style has no sleeves and exposes the shoulders and arms.
  3. Short sleeves: These sleeves cover just the top part of the arm, usually stopping around the mid-bicep.
  4. Half sleeves: These sleeves are longer than short sleeves, usually ending at the elbow.
  5. Three-quarter sleeves: These sleeves end just below the elbow, typically covering the entire forearm.
  6. Full sleeves: These sleeves cover the entire arm, usually ending at the wrist or hand.
  7. Bell sleeves: These sleeves flare out from the elbow, creating a bell-like shape.
  8. Bishop sleeves: These are full, voluminous sleeves that are gathered at the wrist, often seen in vintage or bohemian styles.
  9. Puff sleeves: These sleeves have a lot of volume and are gathered at the shoulder and wrist, creating a puffy effect.
  10. Off-the-shoulder sleeves: These sleeves sit below the shoulder and expose the top part of the arm, often seen on formal dresses.
  11. Cold-shoulder sleeves: These sleeves have a cut-out at the shoulder, exposing the skin, while still having coverage around the arm.
  12. One-shoulder sleeves: These dresses have only one sleeve, leaving the other shoulder and arm bare.
  13. Spaghetti straps: These dresses have thin, delicate straps that go over the shoulders, often seen on summer or beach dresses.